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The Greater Van Gogos region encompasses a network of Grandmothers Campaign groups started in Vancouver and its suburbs in 2006 when the Stephen Lewis Foundation issued a call to Canadian grandmothers to stand with their African counterparts.

A small leadership team supports groups, as needed, and makes decisions based on consultation. The work we do together has resulted in many lasting friendships within groups, within the region, and across the country. Any Grandmothers Campaign group in Southwestern BC registered with the Stephen Lewis Foundation is welcome to join us. We love working together to plan fundraisers and to continue learning more about the community organizations in Africa supported by the Campaign. We hold regional gatherings to strengthen the bonds among Canadian grandmothers and our solidarity with African grandmothers who are rebuilding their lives in the face of the HIV & AIDS pandemic.

Each group is unique and autonomous, with members making decisions such as how often they want to meet, what their ideal group size is and how they choose to raise funds and awareness within the context of the Grandmothers Campaign. Not all use “gogo”, a Zulu word meaning grandmother, in their names, but collectively we have become known as “the Gogos”. Our “grandmother power” is legendary. When the Grandmothers Campaign was launched, we promised not to rest until African grandmothers could rest.

For more information, contact us and visit the Grandmothers Campaign website.



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