Summer fitness and cycling

Get fit, get cycling…

… get involved! We stand in solidarity with grandmothers in Africa raising and mentoring children and youth orphaned by HIV & AIDS. All the funds we raise go to the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign to help with creation and sustainability of their vital community programs, including income-generation training, housing security, food security, school and supplies fees, and grief counselling. (Above photo: SLF)

You can help support our work by taking action now through our two annual Greater Van Gogos fundraisers.

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FLOG facts

Solidarity Cycle 2023 3 photos

    • Ride, sponsor, donate, cheer!
    • Choose to ride 50 km or the 100 km loop, or take part in one of the new Friendship Rides.

Solidarity Cycle poster – PDF file

Note:  Although most of our groups take a break over summer, keep an eye out in your communities for some groups that will be hosting events or joining in on others’ events. We are thankful for your continued support!

Upcoming Events

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